Wine Vendor Information

1. Set Up: Wine Vendors shall setup Saturday morning. Please plan to be ready to serve by 12 noon. Please see a CAC representative upon arrival. Plan to load in to the event from Willow Street.

2. Event Hours:
• Shopping hours for Art Vendors are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
• Serving hours for Food Trucks is 10:00 am to 6:00pm.
• Serving hours for Wine Vendors is 12 noon to 6:00 pm
• Art Activities will be offered for Kids & Adults from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
• Music in the Garden from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
• Wine Down in the Garden with the headline band will be from 4:00 to 6:00 pm

3. Wine Vendors Info:
• No fee to be a wine vendor
• Limited to 3 wine vendors
• The CAC will be selling wine glasses for $20 each. Each glass will come with one tasting ticket for each wine vendor.
• Each wine vendor will get $2 for each glass the CAC sells, to cover the cost of the tastings.
• Vendors can sell additional tastings, glasses and bottles of wine to customers as well as any related winery merchandise from their tasting room (corkscrews, t-shirts, hats). Vendors are responsible for setting their rates, collecting money for these sales and paying appropriate sales taxes.
• Wine vendors must complete the online registration form.
• The center will provide a festival map and city permission letter for TABC approval to the wine vendors after their registration is completed and approved.
• The center will provide vouchers for 2 meals for winery staff.
• The center will not be able to provide change, nor provide WiFi.

4. Tear down times
• Art Vendors at 4 pm
• Food Trucks at 6 pm
• Wine Vendors at 6 pm

5. Tents, Tables & Chairs:
• Outdoor Seating – the center will provide outdoor seating in the garden for customers to sit and consume the food and beverages folks buy from you
• Tent – Wine Vendors should plan to bring a 10 x 10 tent.
• Table & Chairs – the center will provide each wine vendor with 1 8 foot table and two chairs

6. Promotion:
• The Center will promote the event through press releases, emails, social media, our website, etc.
• Vendors are strongly encouraged to also promote the event through their own social media, etc. Vendors are strongly encouraged to like, comments, share and tag the Creative Arts Center in posts on Facebook and/or Instagram and the Center will do the same for the vendor pages.
• Our Facebook page is “Creative Arts Center” and Instagram is @CreativeArtsCenterBonham.
• Please let us know if we can include you as a co-host of our event on Facebook.

7. Vendor Agreement: Vendors must agree that they have read the rules & regulations of the event and agree to abide by the established rules. They shall take full responsibility for their self, any people with them and their product(s). The vendor hereby releases the Fannin Community Foundation, the Creative Arts Center and any workers or volunteers associated with this event from any and all liabilities arising from any occurrences, claims, losses, theft or damages resulting from participation in this event. They hereby give my permission for photographs of myself and my guests to be published in Creative Arts Center or Fannin Community Foundation Inc. advertisements and publicity.

8. Permits/Licenses: All vendors are responsible for obtaining the Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit, proper food & beverage licenses, and complying with state and local health regulations. Make certain that copies of permits/licenses required as part of your operation are with you, including, but not limited to heath permits, electrical permits, business licenses, Sales and Use Tax Permit etc. for more information on the Sales and Use Permit, contact

Please direct questions to Hilary or Sandy at the Creative Arts Center
903-640-2196 or [email protected]
Thank you so much for participating!