The Magnificent Seven

Written by Lisa Avila

Directed by Kelly Baxter

Play Summary

Everyone knows the story of Snow White and her happily-ever after’s great success, but do you ever wander what happened to the dwarves? Did they move to the castle or did they stay in the forest? Did they continue working in the mines? Did they have to hire a maid since they didn’t have Snow White anymore? 

This sequel story shows us their lives (minus all the signing and animals making messes around). Come be part of their happy, dopey, grumpy, sneezy, bashful, sleepy, and “doc” lives!

Kidz Krew Cast & Director from The Magnificent Seven in 2014

Cast of Characters

  1. Sleepy: a mellow fellow who would appreciate taking a nap anywhere, any time of the day.
  2. Grumpy: The cantankerous contrarian dwarf; everything to him is negative. 
  3. Sneezy: could it be allergies, could be stress, but deep down, he can be a great philosopher
  4. Bashful: the shy and timid dwarf 
  5. Happy: the joyful optimistic dwarf, everyone’s cheerleader.
  6. “Doc”: he is the oldest and the leader, and considered by his brothers as the wisest. 
  7. Dopey: the silent, yet expressive dwarf, considered by his brothers as the “clown”. He loves to talk through “singing”
  8. “Wart”: an unintended and incidental guest in the dwarves’ home. 
  9. Merlin (2-3 lines) The great and powerful magician

Other Important Info

  • Open auditions – for kids ages 6 & up.  Participants need to be able to follow instructions and able to read.
  • No cost to participate.  Participants will be asked to help with fundraising, selling tickets, etc. 
  • For each performance, each family of the cast and crew will get one free pass to attend.  Other friends and family will need to purchase tickets to attend the performances.  The full dress rehearsal on July 18 will be free for all family to attend.

Important Dates


  • Tuesday, May 28 from 4-6 pm
  • Wednesday, May 29 from 4-6 pm

Rehearsals are from 4-6 pm
Rehearsals in June: 4th, 6th, 11th, 13th, 17th, 18th, 20th, 24th, 25th, 27th
Rehearsals in July:1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 11th

Tech Week: July 15th, 16th, 17th (18th is our full dress rehearsal)

Opening Night performance: July 19th at 7 pm show (5:30 pm call)
July 20th: 7 pm show (5:30 pm call)
July 21st:  2 pm show (12:30 call)
July 25th: run through
July 26th & 27th: 7 pm shows; 5:30 pm call
July 28th:  2 pm show (12:30 call)


We are pleased to offer two audition dates. You only need to come once.  If neither date works for you, feel free to contact us about other options by sending an email to [email protected]

Audition Dates:

  • Tuesday, May 28 from 4-6 pm
  • Wednesday, May 29 from 4-6 pm  

Click the Audition Sign Up button below to select a time for your audition.

Click the Audition Form and complete before your audition.

Crew Roles

Stage Manager: Responsible for all aspects of managing full-length productions including running rehearsals, running tech, keeping time, taking blocking notes, creating a props and costume list, tracking set pieces, being on book for rehearsals and coordinating all staff and volunteers to put on the final product.

Make-Up artist: This role involves designing and applying makeup suitable for young actors. The makeup should be age-appropriate and capture the essence of whimsical and youthful characters.

Costume Designer: Creates the look for every play character, including their personal props (e.g. ax). They usually draw or paint their design ideas and present them to the rest of the creative team. Will need to take measurements from the whole cast during the first read-through.

Prop Manager: The PM is responsible for obtaining all props needed for the production. They also work with the Stage Manager in gathering appropriate rehearsal props early in the rehearsal process.

Sound Designer: The SD creates a sound play list and finalizes the sound plot before tech week.The SD will need to attend some rehearsals in order to test the sounds in each scene.

Graphic Designer: The GD is in charge of designing flyers, posters, mailings, and the playbill. Attendance to every rehearsal won’t be required but will need to keep good communication with the director to show work before it gets approved. The Center can provide Canva Pro for the Graphic Designer to use.

Digital Content Creator: The DCC is responsible for for planning and creating social media advertisements for the performances, creating content giving rehearsal updates, featuring casts and crew members, thanking sponsors, advertising about fundraisers, etc. Will work closely with with the director, stage manager and director of the Creative Arts Center. The Center can provide Canva Pro for the DCC to use.

Ushers: Ushers help setup before each performance (e.g. seating, folding playbills, and anything else it may be needed to get ready for the performance). Ushers also welcome performance attendees, hang playbills, find a good seat for them. After the performance, they thank the audience for attending as they leave, help put chairs back. Ushers can attend every performance or just any they can.

About the Director

Meet Kelly Baxter! After having such a wonderful experience as a Kid Krew parent, she went on to deepen her passion for theater. She has been involved in different cast and crew roles in the McKinney area for the last five years, and she now serves as one of the Board of Directors for McKinney Repertory Theater.
With a degree in education and over ten years of teaching experience, she currently enjoys teaching workshops and theater-related classes to kids.
Ms. Kelly is excited to bring Kids Krew back along with CAC Director Sandy Barber (previous Kidz Krew Mom & Director) and looks forward to having our community come support the local performing arts.